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Nature walk and Bird Watching trips

The hills are home to a few endemic and a wide variety of birdlife. The Nature Walk with our naturalist will truly be a rewarding experience! It is advisable to start the walk as early as you can so you stant a good chance to see most birds that has made these hills their home! The walk starts from the Camp after a short briefing over hot tea or coffee. You will be given checklists of the both the common and endemic birds of the area before you start out so you have your own record to take back of the beautiful birds that see on the walk. The duration of the walk is for about 3-4 hours but can be extended should there be a chance to spot a rare bird!

For those interested we are happy to arrange longer walks and visits to neighboring hills that houses some of the best terrains for birds. There are also a couple of National Parks nearby that we could arrange for you to visit.


Price on request.

  What is included

Services of an experienced naturalist who knows the area 

Refreshments - Light refreshments for short walks and packed lunch for longer walks 


  • This walk with a naturalist is a rewarding experience for people looking for endemic and regional birds of the high ranges. Your naturalist will be an experienced local person who would know exactly where to visit to look for any specific bird species that you are looking for. 

  What is not included

Transport if required