What our Clients say?

""At Camp Footprint you feel simultaneously like you`re on top of the world and far away from the cares of everyday life yet all your comfort needs are seen to by the accommodating staff. The food is locally grown and sourced, diverse and delicious. Cold nights are warmed by the open fire, blankets and duvets galore and even a hot waterbottle if you need one. The sunrise and early morning light is like nowhere else and well worth getting up at an ungodly hour to experience it. Thank you to everyone involved for making my stay incredibly special and something I shall remember forever.""

 "We stayed in the guest house above the tea plantations. An extraordinary experience- I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see the beautiful environment and is looking for peace for 1-2 days. The accommodation is simple but clean- the staff and guides are extremely helpful. Definitely worth a visit- would go back anytime!"

 "" On our final night we stayed in a delightful glamp high in the hills above Munnar. Each of the spacious rooms has its own bathroom, and has the privilege of overlooking the surrounding plantations, and the mountains across the valley. Tea plantations cover some of the highest points in these mountains, creating a beautifully trimmed green velvet carpet of tea bushes that give real texture to the contours of the hills. Between the tea plantations are corridors of jungle, where elephants, tigers and bears live wild. We saw 24 different species during our three days of walking. We also spotted a family of rare dusky squirrels, lots of birds and – the jewel in the crown – a Nilgiri Marten, which is so rare that it was only photographed in its entirety in 2005 and very little is known about its habits – sadly it was too dark for a photograph…!An experience not be missed if you visit the area! ""